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Virtual Estimates Save 15% on Entire Project

Wade of All Trades is a family owned and operated small business right here in Southern Maine. We know what it means to work hard for your family and how important your investments are. We are here to work with you to take care of your most precious possession...your home.

With everything going on in the world right now, we realize it can be difficult not only finding someone to do repairs or make improvements, but how scary it can be just having people come into your home. That is why we decided to offer FREE VIRTUAL ESTIMATES. We are working 7 days a week in order to accomodate any schedule. Call or email today to set up a simple virtual estimate. We use pictures, video, and your measurements to determine the scope and cost of your project, and then WE ARE GOING TO GIVE YOU 15% OFF OF YOUR TOTAL PROJECT. Not only are you minimizing risks, you are maximizing your savings. It doesnt have to be complicated or scary. You dont need computer training. We will walk you through the entire process. Its simple. Call today and we will schedule your virtual estimate within 48 hours, your quote will ready within 2 days of the estimate and we can begin your project or repair within 2 weeks of your acceptance of our proposal. Its that easy to check those repairs and renovations off of your list. Getting an appointment is quicker and easier than you thought! Those projects probably arent as expensive as you thought either! Call us today, you have nothing to lose!

Get your virtual estimate before August 15th and use coupon code WadesDeal to save 15% off your entire project. 

(Offer not valid on in person estimates)